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TaKaDu is a global leader in Water Network Management, allowing water utilities to improve network efficiency and make smart short and long-term planning decisions. Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, TaKaDu harnesses the power of multiple data sources generated by utilities, translating their raw data into actionable insights. The TaKaDu solution transforms the way water networks are operated and managed, from the analysts monitoring the network for leakage, flow, pressure and water quality issues to the management teams identifying challenges, maximizing resources, and making OPEX and CAPEX decisions. The solution is cloud-based, rapidly implemented and requires no physical changes to the network.

The TaKaDu solution has been widely adopted by water utilities in Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East. The companyís leadership position and innovative approach have been recognised with numerous industry awards, including the prestigious World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award and the 2013 Sustainia Award. TaKaDu is a founding member of SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum.


About TaKaDu

About Us

With TaKaDu we have reached new levels of efficiency, adopting the best practices allows us to reduce losses and save money"  

Marco Kutulas Peet, General Manager, Aguas de Antofagasta

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