Bring Water Network Monitoring to Market with TaKaDu

TaKaDu's mission is to provide water utilities with knowledge and insight about their water network, so they can reduce water loss and water network anomalies. TakaDu's highly qualified partners - Value Added Resellers (VARs), System Integrators and Business Partners - are dedicated to delivering exceptional water network monitoring solutions that are well integrated into utility operations, based on the TaKaDu solution.

  • By partnering with TaKaDu, VARs, System Integrators and Business Partners gain TaKaDu's full support in offering a high value proposition to water utilities.
  • TaKaDu's unique Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS) solution provides partners with ease and simplicity of operation.
  • Since TaKaDu's solution is one-of-a-kind, TaKaDu Partners have a unique competitive advantage in their respective markets.

TaKaDu's partners use the power unleashed by TaKaDu to offer differentiated complementary solutions as well as various integration, consulting and additional services.




Partnering with TaKaDu is Good for Business

TaKaDu gives you a strategic position within water utilties

  • Offering TaKaDu enables you to provide utilities a unique solution they are actively seeking.
  • TaKaDu's core water network monitoring solution can be sold with additional value-add offerings and service integration.

TaKaDu allows you to become a pioneer and leader within your respective market

  • TaKaDu's solution is directed at an untapped market with huge growth potential. Be the first to serve it.

TaKaDu creates additional revenue sources for its partners

  • By offering post-sale support, integration, consulting and other services, you can create a unqiue offering around the TaKaDu solution for your existing and new customers.

TaKaDu is simple and easy to sell

  • The TaKaDu solution is SaaS-based, making it easy to implement and access as well as to ensure it works properly.
  • TaKaDu requires zero capital expenditure and physical network changes, making the decision for the customer, and the effort to sell the solution, simpler and easier.

There is nothing like TaKaDu

  • Today, there are no competing solutions to TaKaDu's in the market.
  • Offering TaKaDu to your customers is a one-time opportunity to become a market leader today.

Join TaKaDu in taking Water Network Monitoring to the Market

By joining TaKaDu's network of partners, either as a local or global partner, you can access and deploy -

  • A proven, award-winning solution with a global deployment track record.
  • Pre-sale and post-sale technical support from TaKaDu.
  • Knowledge transfer and training.
  • Marketing and sales tools: leads, product and sales presentations, market information and more.
    • Unique opportunity to provide customer and market input into current and additional versions and modules of the TaKaDu solution.
    • Direct contact with dedicated TaKaDu sales representatives and technical experts who are customer and partner focused.

We have identified a billion litres of potentially lost water, equates to a cost saving of $2 million"

Glen Babbington, Executive Manager of Infrastructure Services, Unitywater




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