The use of TaKaDu has been proven to reduce the time and effort required to identify, detect, locate and resolve network problems and anomalies. The reduction in time and effort is evident when compared to traditional or conventional methods of fault and inefficiency detection. Taking a utility’s point of view, the returns on water network monitoring can be grouped as follows
  • Direct cost reduction
  • Faster issue detection and better return on repair activity
  • Operations efficiency gains
  • Increased compliance with water loss and operational targets
  • Improved maintenance
  • Better communication, collaboration and customer service

TaKaDu's Differentiators

TaKaDu is different from other existing approaches and systems. Some key differences are:

  • TaKaDu is field-proven as a live online service, and is used daily by hundreds of water network specialists in many utilities worldwide.
  • TaKaDu's algorithms are developed (and constantly improved) and tested with a wide range of network structures, topologies, data-structures, transmission frequencies and 'noise' levels.
  • TaKaDu does not require a hydraulic model and does not rely on calibrated models. As such, it can be applied also to networks in which hydraulic models do not exist or are not calibrated.
  • TaKaDu provides geo-location information on network events, in network sectors or segments comprising two or more measurement points.
  • There is no need to add meters or sensors (unless the utility is interested in improving the detection resolutions, which can be done by adding more sensors or loggers).
  • TaKaDu is agnostic to meter and sensor make / type, and can use any data made available by the utility.
  • TaKaDu provides a constantly updated 'prediction' for any network element or segment, any time.

TaKaDu is a major contributor to our water loss reduction plans. With TaKaDu we have been able to quickly and easily find inefficiencies that otherwise would have taken much longer to identify”

David Snadden, General Manager, Yarra Valley Water

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