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TaKaDu's Software-as-a-Service solution for water utilities provides alerts, reports and real-time insights about water distribution network events. Continuous raw network data is securely sent to the TaKaDu server, which then pre-processes the data, detects anomalies, and classifies events by type. This information is then presented to utility personnel in an easy-to-use web interface, as well as via other communication channels such as email and SMS.
The TaKaDu solution is based on automated algorithmic analysis. Dozens of patented and patent-pending algorithms are utilized to create a complete mathematical and statistical model of the network behavior. The system is able to correlate changes in flow, pressure, reservoir levels, pumps state, water quality and other parameters compared across time, geography and similar network areas. Current measured values are continually tested against a pre-constructed norm to alert about network anomalies.
In addition to real time alerts, TaKaDu offers advanced reporting interfaces and a managerial dashboard, which allows users to generate reports and executives to optimize their day-to-day operations and long-term planning decisions.

TaKaDu Views

The TaKaDu solution is comprised of several views, or “user interfaces”, serving different functionalities within the water utility.   

Areas View
The Areas View provides a ‘bird’s-eye view’ (known as DMAs or Sectors), easily link operational activities with specific events according particular areas. This enables users focus on what is happening various network in order to gauge the “health” of these areas by assigned priority.

Events View
The Events View lists all network events (i.e. network anomalies) by type, magnitude, location and other parameters. This provides users with the ability to easily detect anomalies in the network and manage different types of events along their cycle. The list of events types in this view contains: Flow, Pressure, Level (for reservoir), Leak, Breach, Fault (pressure, flow, level), Transmission problems, and Water Quality (pH, Turbidity, Chlorine). 

Graph View
The Graph View displays data according to user’s requirements, allowing users to create customized graphs computed from data supplied by the various sensors. Using the Graph View, users can drill down into the data of a particular event and compare current data to various past periods, or to predicted data.

Dashboard View
The Dashboard View is used as strategic decision-making support tool, providing users with a high-level view of the network. Users may zoom in and out of areas of interest and utility managers may track and report performance easily and intuitively, while focusing only on what is important to them.

Reports View
TaKaDu provides an intuitive and flexible report engine using a third party BI and report generation system called QlikView. The Reports View delivers reports on event handling by status, location, type and much more. Reports are displayed as a chart or as a table while subsets of the collected event data are presented.




Solution Functionality

The TaKaDu solution has various functionalities which can be used in different ways to increase water network efficiency, depending on the available data and on the user needs and processes. TaKaDu’s key functionalities vary from:
  • Water Loss Detection, Monitoring, and Management
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Meter and Telemetry Failure Management 
  • Awareness to Pressure Anomalies and other Network Inefficiencies


Case Studies
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We have identified a billion litres of potentially lost water, equates to a cost saving of $2 million"

Glen Babbington, Executive Manager of Infrastructure Services, Unitywater

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