Amir Peleg, Founder and CEO

Amir Peleg founded TaKaDu in late 2008 with the vision of using advanced mathematics and software to increase efficiency of water networks.

Since late 2012, he is the Chairman of SWAN - The Smart Water Networks Forum. Amir is a serial high-tech entrepreneur: in 2005, he founded YaData (acquired by Microsoft in 2008); previously he co-founded Unipier (formerly Cash-U) in 2000 and EVS (NASDAQ: EVSNF) in 1991.

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Einat Zviran, Chief Operating Officer

Einat Zviran joined TaKaDu in early 2011 as Chief Operating Officer. Einat is a senior executive with over 20 years of experience leading software development, professional services and business operations for international software companies.

In her most recent role, Einat served as corporate vice president at Ex Libris Group, a leading provider of library automation systems, where she led one of the two product line business units and was responsible for all back office products including the booking and direct management of marketing, product management and product development.

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Moshe Tamir, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Moshe serves as TaKaDu’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing since early 2013.

Prior to joining TaKaDu, Moshe was head of business segment and Vice President at Siemens Renewable Energy (formerly Solel) where he was responsible for the sales and delivery of Siemens’ solar thermal activities in the Americas, Europe, Israel and the Far East. Siemens Renewable Energy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of a wide range of products, solutions and services in the field of energy technology. He also partook in Siemens’ $418M acquisition of Solel.

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Benny Keinan, Vice President Research and Development

Benny Keinan joined TaKaDu in 2012 as VP R&D, leading the research behind TaKaDu's core technology and the development of TaKaDu’s software platform. He brings more than 15 years of experience in software development management, team building, project management and product management.

Benny came from Kenshoo, a SaaS provider for the digital marketing domain, where he served as VP R&D. Benny led the R&D in a transition for the next generation architecture and built a strong team that executed the company’s vision leading to significant growth.

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Revital Marck, Delivery Director

Revital Marck joined TaKaDu in 2012 as Delivery Director, overseeing the complete TaKaDu customer experience from delivery through implementation and all ongoing customer support for the TaKaDu solution.

Prior to joining TaKaDu, Revital was the Development Director for ExLibris, a leading provider of library automation services, for eight years, where she was responsible for the development and support of the company’s three main products, with over 2000 customers worldwide.

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Tali Landau-Ofer, Director of Finance

Tali joined TaKaDu in Dec 2012 as its Director of Finance. Prior to joining TaKaDu, Tali was head of the finance department at the WIN Division of PMC-Sierra (formerly Wintegra), responsible for all of the division’s finance activities including financial business planning and analysis, leading integration of all systems following the merger and more.

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Avital Cohen, Director of Human Resources

Avital is TaKaDu’s Director of Human Resources. She leads staffing, talent management, corporate well-being and social responsibility strategy and practice.

Avital joined TaKaDu in early 2011. Prior to TaKaDu she was at HP Software, where her last role was staffing manager of the R&D center in Israel (formerly Mercury Interactive), responsible for the creation of the “Agile Staffing” model.

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About TaKaDu

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We have greater visibility into the water network and can manage our network in a smarter and more effective way, saving us water”

Aaron Rosenberg, Deputy CEO for Water Supply, Hagihon, Jerusalem's Water & Sewage Company



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