TaKaDu User Forum 2013

Below, is a short clip from the one day TaKaDu User Forum that took place in Jerusalem in October 2013, hosting dozens of TaKaDu customers, prospects and partners from all around the world. The video includes customer testimonials and impression about the TaKaDu solution.


Yarra Valley Water Workshop on Water Network Monitoring

On March 29th 2012, Yarra Valley Water held a workshop in Melbourne, Australia, to present its rollout and usage of TaKaDu's water network monitoring service.

This clip captures the highlights from this workshop.

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Good  water  leakage management will prolong the useful life of existing water resources, treatment facilities and distribution networks"

Leakage Management Technologies Report, AWWA



We have identified a billion litres of potentially lost water, equates to a cost saving of $2 million"

Glen Babbington, Executive Manager of Infrastructure Services, Unitywater




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TaKaDu is the global leader in Water Network Monitoring, providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for water utilities. TaKaDu's solution detects, classifies, alerts and provides real-time insight on leaks, bursts, DMA breaches and other network inefficiencies. The solution is based on complex statistical algorithms which analyze existing online data from meters within the network (flow, pressure, etc) and external data (weather, holidays, etc).TaKaDuís patented technology is easy to deploy, requiring no network changes, no additional devices and no capital expenditure. The service is in use by leading water utilities worldwide. TaKaDuís team is comprised of top-notch mathematicians and computer scientists with many years of applied data analytics experience, alongside seasoned executives from global software technologies leaders. TaKaDu is the winner of several industry awards, including the prestigious Technology Pioneer 2011 award from the World Economic Forum.