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 Aguas Magallanes selects TaKaDu’s Central Event Management (CEM) Solution to improve Operational Efficiency


Aguas Magallanes, will incorporate TaKaDu to improve efficiency, enhance customer service and planning

Punta Arenas, Chile, and Yehud, Israel – July 17, 2019 – Aguas Magallanes, the Southern Patagonia based water company, has chosen TaKaDu as their Central Event Management software provider, being the fourth customer for TaKaDu in Chile.


Owned by Aguas Nuevas Group, Aguas Magallanes brings the highest international quality standards to the services it provides. Aguas Magallanes reaches the Austral cities of, Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and Porvenir, serving over 50.000 clients.


TaKaDu is the leading CEM solution for water utilities, enabling a single dashboard for all network events and incidents. Based on big data analytics and machine learning, TaKaDu’s cloud-based service detect, analyze and manage network events and incidents such as leaks, bursts, faulty assets, telemetry and data issues, operational failures, and more. TaKaDu seamlessly integrates with other enterprise IT systems (GIS, asset management, work order management, CRM, etc.) and detection technologies (e.g. acoustic sensors), delivering a central hub for quicker response times and the fast resolution of events.

Ziv Zaretsky, TaKaDu’s EVP Sales & BD, said “We are proud to land Aguas Magallanes as TaKaDu’s fourth customer in Chile together with our trusted partner Blass. This is further evidence that the water sector in Chile is very progressive and understands and promotes efficiency and data solutions. We are looking forward to helping Aguas Magallanes achieve the full potential from the system”.


Andres Calderon Testa, Blass’s Co-Founder, confirmed that water utilities in Chile are taking an active role in Smart Water Networks implementation, aiming to improve their operations, reduce water losses and deliver high-quality customer service. “We are strongly committed to support our clients on this journey, bringing closer the Hi-Tech water industry to our country. Currently, fourth of the most relevant water companies in Chile have trusted in TaKaDu, embracing its solution. This reflects a new way to face water management, which keep us very optimistic about the future of this industry.”


About TaKaDu

TaKaDu (www.takadu.com) is a global leader in Central Event Management solutions for water utilities. TaKaDu’s cloud-based service enables utilities to detect, analyze and manage network events and incidents, such as leaks, bursts, faulty assets, telemetry and data issues, operational failures, water quality and more. TaKaDu acts as the central management layer for all network events detected by its own data analytics engine and other external alerting systems (e.g. acoustic loggers, sensor alerts). TaKaDu is integrated with other IT systems (e.g. GIS, work order, CRM, call center and asset management), as well as being part of a comprehensive Smart City solution.

Converting raw data into knowledge using big data analytics and algorithms, TaKaDu provides visibility and actionable insights for increased efficiency, water loss reduction and improved customer service. A cloud-based SaaS platform, TaKaDu brings together huge amounts of information in an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution. TaKaDu’s IoT solution is operational 24/7 in leading water utilities in 13 countries.


About Blass

Blass (www.blasstech.cl) provides technological solutions to support water networks management in both drinking water and wastewater. As a leader in Smart Water Networks implementation, Blass integrates innovative technologies adapted to the specific needs of its clients, allowing real-time monitoring and data analytics. Blass’s experience has positioned the company as a strong technology integrator in the Chilean water industry, from the implementation to the solution adoption stage. Blass is the local partner of Takadu.


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