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TaKaDu's Central Event Management (CEM) solution is deployed in leading utilities worldwide, including the US, Australia, South America, the Far East and Europe.



September 2019

TaKaDu has had a significant impact helping Essbio-Nuevosur to reduce water loss through
improved operational efficiency, playing an important role in preserving Chile’s scant water
resources at a time of regional, and global, climate change.

February 2018

"This proved to be a very efficient way to monitor network performance, such as identifying network leaks and other anomalies, and to solve the problem rapidly, reducing water loss.”

February 2015

TaKaDu’s automated ongoing monitoring has a direct impact on customer service and satisfaction, preventing supply interruptions.

November 2014

"With TaKaDu, we receive a complete list of actionable events that is updated continuously.”

June 2019

“The leak was losing 1.3 million liters per day – enough water to fill an Olympic size swimming pool every 36 hours! If we were to rely on the old way of detecting such leaks, it would have continued for a prolonged period, losing almost $1M worth of water every 12 months"

October 2017

“TaKaDu’s event management paradigm has transformed the flood of incomprehensible data into meaningful information that the KUB organization can effectively use.” 

February 2015


Mejora desde el primer día en el rendimiento de la red y en su monitorización.

November 2014


Buscando la reducción depérdida de agua – descubriendo la eficiencia operative.

April 2019

"Without having DMAs and the TaKaDu CEM solution to know and manage the data, the leak could very likely have existed for a long period of time without us knowing! This was an excellent demonstration of the power of TaKaDu as a management system in reducing the Awareness Time component of leaks as well as providing our staff with all the necessary information to make an educated decision and prioritize the tasks" 

October 2017

"TaKaDu’s system has helped us achieve $16 million in savings from hidden (underground) leaks and prevented 6.5 billion litres of water loss based on an annualized calculation."

February 2015


Melhorias no desempenho da rede e visibilidade desde o primeiro dia.

November 2014

Dutch Water Utility

Real-life network event – burst prevention.

Founding Member of the SWAN Forum

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