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Esval - Aguas del Valle Partners with Blass and TaKaDu to Improve Management Efficiency and Reduce Water Loss

  • In a 2-year project, the Water Utility group is implementing TaKaDu’s Central Event Management (CEM) to analyze real time data, prevent bursts, alert anomalies that may affect the continuity and quality of the service and reduce non-revenue water up to 20%.

  • As part of the project, Esval – Aguas del Valle will include almost 13,000 sensors deployed in the network, allowing remote monitoring of about 7,000 kilometers of pipes.


Valparaíso, February 26, 2020.- Esval and Aguas del Valle, a group that represents the second largest Water Utility outside of Santiago and brings water to 2,5 million people, has chosen TaKaDu to improve its water network management and protect the water resources of Chilean regions IV and V. The solution will be implemented in 100% of the group's networks, corresponding to about 7,000km, where about 13,000 sensors have been deployed. The agreement is in cooperation with Blass, the local partner of TaKaDu and leader in the implementation of Smart Water Networks in the country.


In this way, it will be possible to detect network events, such as leaks, bursts, water quality status and others, and maintain a continuous and remote monitoring of variables such as flow, pressures and levels, among other parameters, generating “Smart Networks” that deliver results in real time, allowing more accurate and timely decisions.


Orlando Sepúlveda, Esval’s COO explains: “With this technology we can detect, analyze and manage events in the usual operation of our system, both in the production and distribution of drinking water, as in the collection and transfer of wastewater. The information obtained will give us an accurate diagnosis of our network, in order to anticipate eventual emergencies and optimize our service”.


Non-Revenue Water decreases between 5% and 10%


The executive said that “the improvement in water management has been one of our priorities, due to the structural drought that has affected us for more than a decade. In recent years we have developed various initiatives that have allowed us to reduce non-revenue water, and this is an important step further”


He continues and says “for the incorporation of this new technology, we have partnered with the company TaKaDu, an expert in software development for water networks monitoring, following the model of Israel, one of the world's leading countries in water efficiency. With this, we aim to reduce the water losses in our network from 5% to an additional 10%, which allows us to optimize the use of available water and thus continue to deliver a quality service to our customers”.


Based on Big Data analysis, TaKaDu Central Event Management (CEM) solution allows water companies to manage the entire life cycle of all their network events (incidents), prioritizing those with the greatest impact. Through its local partner Blass, the solution is already implemented in 4 leading Water Companies in the Chilean market; Esval/Aguas del Valle, Essbio/Nuevosur, Aguas Magallanes and Aguas Antofagasta.


Amir Peleg, TaKaDu’s Founder and CEO said: "Transforming data into knowledge, TaKaDu plays an important role in water companies around the world. TaKaDu becomes a powerful management tool for its users, centralizing the company's operations, helping to reduce energy and labor costs. We are proud to work alongside companies such as Esval and Aguas del Valle, as well as other companies in Chile and the world”


Andrés Calderón, Blass Co-Founder, said: “In recent years there has been a significant increase in the adoption of technology by Water Utilities in Chile, positioning the country as a Latin American leader in Smart Water Networks operation. We are very excited about the alliance developed with Esval and Aguas del Valle. It indeed, represents a great step for the protection of water resources in the central regions of Chile, which was hit hard by an extensive drought. We are deeply committed to supporting our clients to solve this challenge, bringing high-tech solutions to our country”


About Esval and Aguas del Valle

Esval and Aguas del Valle group is the main actor of two of the most important regions of Chile, in its central area. The company serves almost 2.5 million inhabitants, including major agricultural, port and mining companies, along with a growing commercial, residential and water services activity. The Company was founded in 1989 and is based in Valparaíso, 150 km from Santiago, the capital of the country. The company’s mission is to provide high quality solutions and services in the complete cycle of drinking water supply, sewage collection and treatment.


About TaKaDu

TaKaDu ( is a global leader in Central Event Management solutions for water utilities. TaKaDu’s cloud-based service enables utilities to detect, analyse and manage network events and incidents, such as leaks, bursts, faulty assets, telemetry and data issues, operational failures, water quality and more. TaKaDu acts as the central management layer for all network events detected by its own data analytics engine and other external alerting systems (e.g. acoustic loggers, sensor alerts). TaKaDu is integrated with other IT systems (e.g. GIS, work order, CRM, call center and asset management), as well as being part of a comprehensive Smart City solution.

Converting raw data into knowledge using big data analytics and algorithms, TaKaDu provides visibility and actionable insights for increased efficiency, water loss reduction and improved customer service. A cloud-based SaaS platform, TaKaDu brings together huge amounts of information in an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution. TaKaDu’s IoT solution is operational 24/7 in leading water utilities in 12 countries.


About Blass

Blass ( provides technological solutions in IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, to support the management of drinking water and wastewater networks. Leader in the implementation of Smart Water Networks, Blass integrates innovative technologies and solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers, providing real-time monitoring, control and data analysis solutions. The major experience of Blass and its partners have positioned the company as a key partner in the Water Industry, acting as integrator of high-tech solutions in Chile.


Press Contact:

Eynat Mor



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