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South East Water to Implement a Trial of TaKaDu’s Central Event Management (CEM) to Reduce Water Loss and Improve Efficiency 

By incorporating the CEM of TaKaDu, SEW from Melbourne plans to enhance its leakage detection and improve its water network management 

Melbourne, Australia, and Yehud, Israel – October 19, 2021 – South East Water, the Melbourne based progressive utility will pilot the TaKaDu’s Central Event Management (CEM) solution for a period of 18 months.  

“South East Water is continuously looking at enhancing the way we manage leak detection and reduction. We have good systems and processes in place, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. This trial is a great opportunity to explore improvements we could make by tapping into the TaKaDu CEM offering” says Charlie Littlefair, South East Water’s General Manager Liveable Water Solutions


“TaKaDu is very active in Australia with leading satisfied customers for almost a decade. We are very proud to now receive this vote of confidence from South East Water, one of the most progressive water utilities in the world” said Udi Geismar, TaKaDu’s VP Enterprise Solutions. “Deploying our cutting edge CEM solution in South East Water, is part of their digital journey with an intent on improving operational efficiency, improve customer service, and reduce water loss”.

About South East Water

South East Water supports healthy and liveable communities by delivering water, sewerage and recycled water services to 1.91 million people.  

South East Water’s service area borders more than 270 kilometres of coastline and covers a land area of 3,640 square kilometres from Port Melbourne to Portsea and approximately 30 kilometres east of Pakenham.

Each year South East Water delivers more than 136 billion litres of drinking water and collects more than 108 billion litres of wastewater (waste from the toilet, shower, laundry and kitchen in the home and from businesses) at South East Water’s local water recycling plants and at Melbourne Water’s Eastern and Western treatment plants. 

From South East Water’s water recycling plants, South East Water produces around 2,300 megalitres of recycled water used for residences, business, agriculture and open spaces.  South East Water also recycles biosolids for soil improvement, and generates renewable energy from biogas and solar.


To deliver for South East Water’s customers, South East Water manages more than 26,500 kilometres of pipeline.  South East Water owns, operates and maintains $4.8 billion of assets including water, recycled water and sewerage networks.

About TaKaDu

TaKaDu ( is a global leader in Central Event Management solutions for water utilities. TaKaDu’s cloud-based service enables utilities to detect, analyze and manage network events and incidents, such as leaks, bursts, faulty assets, telemetry and data issues, operational failures, water quality and more. TaKaDu acts as the central management layer for all network events detected by its own data analytics engine and other external alerting systems (e.g. acoustic loggers, sensor alerts). TaKaDu is integrated with other IT systems (e.g. GIS, work order, CRM, call center and asset management), as well as being part of a comprehensive Smart City solution.

Converting raw data into knowledge using big data analytics and algorithms, TaKaDu provides visibility and actionable insights for increased efficiency, water loss reduction and improved customer service. A cloud-based SaaS platform, TaKaDu brings together huge amounts of information in an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution. TaKaDu’s IoT solution is operational 24/7 in leading water utilities in 13 countries. 

Press Contact:
Eynat Mor 

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