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TaKaDu is a global leader in Water Network Management, allowing water utilities to improve network efficiency and make smart short and long-term planning decisions.

Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, TaKaDu harnesses the power of multiple data sources generated by utilities, translating their raw data into actionable insights.

The TaKaDu solution transforms the way water networks are operated and managed, from the analysts monitoring the network on a daily basis to the management teams identifying challenges and looking to maximize resources                       

Press Releases
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South West Water and TaKaDu Announces Contract Expansion and Extension

South West Water extends its contract for the deployment of TaKaDuís solution across its entire distribution network

Unitywater and TaKaDu Announce Long-term Contract Renewal

Unitywater agrees to a three-year contract extension following a successful trial of TaKaDuís innovative software

Smart Water Network Management Reinforced at FCC Aqualia

FCC Aqualia implements the TaKaDu solution, which improves efficiencies and will reduce water losses

TaKaDu is a major contributor to our water loss reduction plans. With TaKaDu we have been able to quickly and easily find large leaks that otherwise would have taken much longer to identify. The geolocation feature significantly improved our teams' ability to quickly locate leaks in the field.
David Snadden, General Manager Infrastructure Services
Yarra Valley Water
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July 16, 2014
Plugging The World's Water Leaks With Sophisticated Analytics
June 18, 2014
New water-based technology can help curb the impact of drought
May 9, 2014
Meet the StartUp: TaKaDu
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