TasWater partners with TaKaDu to address network inefficiencies  

July 12, 2022

Tasmania, Australia and Yehud, Israel – July 12, 2022 –TaKaDu Central Event Management (CEM) analytics software designed to identify hidden leaks and other types of incidents within the water network is the latest weapon in TasWater’s arsenal to reduce network losses and increase efficiency and customer service. 

TasWater has partnered with TaKaDu, a global leader in smart analytics software package that monitors the water network 24/7, and has proven to be successful in water businesses across 15 countries, including many in Australia.

Using statistical algorithms and machine learning to detect anomalies, analyse multiple types of real time data and apply smart predictions, TaKaDu will allow TasWater to proactively find leaks and bursts to reduce water loss. TaKaDu’s CEM will also help to detect and manage many types of network events which will improve customer service, reduce repair times, and reduce energy costs.  

Successful implementation of the TaKaDu CEM software at TasWater over the next few years will provide detection and full life-cycle management of network events and incidents over the entire TasWater network, a high-level view of metered areas and network zones, including water loss information, and integration with other modules and solutions. 

TasWater’s CEO, George Theo commented that the CEM solution would provide better visibility and will allow the operational teams to be proactive in handling incidents in the network.  “TaKaDu analyses the data collected almost on a real time basis and will enable us to improve our customer service and reduce water loss,” Mr Theo said.  “This unique event management tool will enable TasWater to progress in its digital journey, and to be on par with some of the better performing utilities in the world. We will see benefits through the early detection of problems when they’re still small, leading to earlier repair times, lower costs and more efficient utilisation of our teams,” he said. 

TaKaDu Founder & CEO Amir Peleg said the company was excited to be working with TasWater and is looking forward to a great long-term partnership.  

“TaKaDu is excited to partner with TasWater in its digital journey, leveraging on data, smart meters and sophisticated analytics, in order to bring higher level of visibility to the operational teams. Being present in the Australian market for a decade, we can see the huge impact of our CEM on customer service, operational efficiency and reduced water loss.” 

About TasWater

TasWater is an incorporated company providing water and sewerage services to homes and businesses across Tasmania. We source, treat and deliver reliable, quality water to our customers. We collect, transport and treat sewage and safely return wastewater to the environment.

TasWater’s vision is “To be trusted, respected and making a positive difference in Tasmania.” The key essence of the vision has remained unchanged since we commenced operations on 1 July 2013 and reflects our strong desire to focus on what really matters for our customers, owners and the community. Our customers remain at the centre of everything we do and we continue to work towards providing a positive experience.


About TakaDu 

TaKaDu provides a comprehensive SaaS Central Event Management (CEM) solution based on smart analytics that enables water distribution utilities to manage their water network efficiently and intelligently, thus empowering them to reduce water loss, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

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