England short of water within 2050: TaKaDu (Israel) could prevent water leakage

"This is certainly a wake-up call on climate change and water shortages for the UK and elsewhere. That’s why water efficiency solutions are more important than ever. Data-driven solutions such as TaKaDu‘s Central Event Management (CEM) enable utilities to detect leaks, faulty assets and other problems early, reducing water loss, and improving operational efficiency across-the-board. Even one “hidden leak event” resolved quickly, can save millions of liters of water, with significant cost and energy savings. Utilities often have the raw data, they’re just not optimizing its use effectively.” More...

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Following Takadu’s latest addition to its growing portfolio of partners in the form of a collaboration with Asystom, GWI speaks with founder & CEO Amir Peleg about its strategy for optimising utility