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TaKaDu’s dedicated Events View serves as a prioritized inbox of network events and insights that enables water utilities to make tactical network management decisions.


  • Event lifecycle management – events are automatically supplemented with the following information: start time, type, magnitude, water loss, duration and end time

  • Identification and classification of events such as: leak, PRV failure, area breaches, flow trends, level monitoring, pressure, water quality, meter faults, no data

  • Repair verification – alerts when an event has not been fixed, as expected

  • Event prioritization – each event is classified as either Actionable, a Candidate or Informative based on the business rules

  • Event assignment to owner – events are automatically assigned to the relevant user



TaKaDu’s Areas View allows water utilities to visualize and compare network performance on an area basis, aggregating network events and other KPIs to all levels of the utility’s network hierarchy.


• Leakage Targeting – a dedicated interface prioritizes each area against various leakage indicators such as nightline, technical efficiency, ILI etc. Customized nightline targets – nightline targets can be set against each area

• Area score (Area Integrity Targeting)

• Area status – users can change the status of an area to ‘not-monitored’ if it is suffering from long-term metering or boundary integrity issues

• Area view customization – the view can be filtered and sorted by all area characteristics. Users can save multiple customized views based on their needs.




TaKaDu’s event detection is based on automated, complex statistical algorithms that apply Big Data analytics to generate smart insights into network activities.


• Anomaly detection – statistical algorithms automatically detect anomalies in the water network

• Historic and network-based prediction with special day considerations

• Machine-learning to enhance event detection using users' inputs

• Smartfill – fills gaps in data using algorithmic predictions to enable events to be created and ensure that all system calculations continue 



The Dashboard View is used as a strategic decision-making support tool, providing users with a high-level view of the network.


Users may zoom in and out of areas of interest and utility managers may track and report performance easily and intuitively, while focusing only on what is important to them


TaKaDu provides an intuitive and flexible report engine using a third party BI and report generation system called QlikView.


The Reports View delivers reports on event handling by status, location, type and much more.


Reports are displayed as a chart or as a table while subsets of the collected event data are presented.